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Every group needs that strong, silent type. Sure it makes little noises hear and there. Of course you get the victory screech when it rips out a spine. Once the mission starts though, I'm sure Predator has some great one liners to keep his fellow members smiling.

Patrick Bates (American Psycho)

For any group to work, you need someone who can blend in. You need that con man. Patrick Bates is that guy. He can charm the ladies and make the men jealous. Don't worry if the mission is compromised, I have a feeling he will make it out, because no one else will


While Bates will charm the ladies, Artemisia will have men eating out of the palm of her hand. This deadly beauty has the manipulation skills to get to the top of any group, business or empire. Also is she wants to show you her skills with swords…….RUN


Someone has to lead this ragtag group, but what qualifies Dracula as the leader. Well he has plenty of experience. Whether he leads an army of soldiers, his brides, or just some guy he turned last week into battle one thing is for sure he has seen all types. He will keep everyone in line because many of them don't want to see the monster inside

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