ByJames David Kessell, writer at
James David Kessell

i don't think ppl are going to totally appreciate a change in character no one is use to a black spider man not that it isn't motivational that they would consider such a thing its just not something that seems coshure to me there are a great deal of many superheroes and villains that are known to be black i just think changing something like that is like making Shirley Temple black its not cool hell there making a static shock movie i support that he was an amazing cartoon character i hope they do the movie justice and i believe they have Jaden smith picked out for it which means it has a lot of potential as he is becoming a better actor after every movie he has done the one with him and his dad in it was kinda bad after earth or some shit but all in all i commend the ideas of making more black super hero movies just don't start changing the image of ones already made


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