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Starting filming this summer and set for release for the summer of 2016 is Independence Day Forever: Part One. This is supposed to be set 20 years after the aliens originally invaded earth with the plot that before they were permanently destroyed were able to send out a distress signal and for a number of complicated reasons didn't reach the aliens until 15 years later. Now the aliens are coming for revenge and are looking to take over earth once again. However, this is supposed to show how earth has advanced since the last alien attack and how earth has used the last alien tech to their advantage

Set to play Captain Steven Hiller's (Will Smith) son in "Independence Day 2" is Jessie Usher from the Starz series Survivor's Remorse. Liam Heimsworth is also set to act in this movie no word yet on his role or if they will be bringing back any of the original now the question is will this film do the the first one any justice or will labeling this movie Part 1 just a set up for the possible failure of the upcoming franchise? The original movie grossed $817 million at the box office so can this one top it?

With the next advancement in special effects and CGI this can give Independence Day a whole new look that was never seen before. I am hopeful that this will be a fresh and interesting look and Independence Day and also I am interested to know if they will keep the original alien look or make it more modern..either way I think it will be worth the wait.


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