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The Suicide Squad. A group of villains universally feared. But what if they held a recruiting drive that extended outside the confines of the DCU? Who would the best and brightest of the baddest be? (Had enough alliteration yet?) And now, I proudly present the greatest Suicide Squad ever...


Bane is definitely a force to be reckoned with. He snaps backbones like toothpicks, after all. He's not really the type of guy you want to make angry. Not to mention he's pretty much the criminal underworld's closest thing to the Hulk. He could put the beatdown on pretty much anyone. Plus, his super strength gives him the ability to throw dumpsters around like they're made of cardboard and treat a semi like it's a Hot Wheels kids' toy.


Boba Fett is the bounty hunter that all other bounty hunters have nightmares about. His reputation as the Star Wars universe's greatest hunter is not undeserved. Between his tactical foresight, combat skills, and bristling armory, Boba Fett is one of those guys who's too dangerous to be left alive but too elusive to be killed. Not to mention that he clearly has no fear of Force-sensitivity, which is the closest Star Wars equivalent of magic.


Crossbones: the guy beaten to a bloody pulp by the Winter Soldier while mocking him the entire time? Crossbones: the guy who is partially responsible for the murder of Captain America? Crossbones: the guy who makes Deadpool look like a cheap knockoff? Crossbones: the guy that received both HYDRA training and SHIELD S.T.R.I.K.E. training? THAT Crossbones? Because if we're talking about THAT Crossbones, it's really not open for debate. He's a shoo-in for the new Suicide Squad.


Anyone who's paid any attention to Agents of SHIELD knows that Grant Ward is not to be trifled with. Whether he's in the employ of SHIELD, HYDRA, or even off on his own somewhere, he's still a major threat to those who don't share his sense of morality. What exactly that sense of morality entails, only he knows, but one thing is for certain: he's not the kind you want to rub the wrong way. Ward has also had his name linked to The Punisher, The Taskmaster, and The Wrecker, all of whom are men well known for their violent temperaments and tendency to leave their opponents whimpering in pain.

There you have it! The Suicide Squad of the ages!


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