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There's a new competition on Moviepilot for the people who come up with the best Suicide Squad, composed of villains from any universe. You can have Darth Vader, Maleficent, Deadpool, the Joker, or someone from 'Game of Thrones' even! If you want to join in, go ahead. Write your post.

Anyways, I'm only doing my Suicide Squad post for pure fun and enjoyment. I hope you enjoy!

My Suicide Squad!

1) The Joker - the psycho

Oh, come on, you knew this was coming. Heath Ledger's Joker is my favorite Joker ever, even better than Jack Nicholson! The Joker is a constant threat to Batman and Gotham City. He's killed/murdered quite a few people in his "career". Also, everyone loves the Joker, and he, adding in his hilarious, crazy psychoness, would be the perfect Suicide Squad member.

2) Darth Sidious - the team leader

He's got the f#&[email protected]'n Death Star at his command! What else do you want? Second, he has legions upon legions upon legions of Stormtroopers to shoot anyone who even looks at him the wrong way. Next, he has this:

Unlimited power!!!!!
Unlimited power!!!!!


3) Red Hood - the team [email protected]$$

Aside from being my favorite comic book character of all time, he was once trained by Batman himself to be a Robin. Unfortunately, the Joker beat Jason Todd(now Red Hood) to death with a crowbar. And fortunately, he was brought back to life by the Lazarus Pit. Ok, enough back stories. The fact that Jason Todd aka Red Hood was trained by and with Batman means that he has been very well trained. Add in his guns, and you've got one hell of a [email protected]$$!

4) Syndrome - the techie

If you've seen 2004's The Incredibles, then you know what I mean. He truly is a genius. He made rocket boots when he was only a small kid. When he was older, he created... Well, it's kind of hard to explain, so I'll just show you.

I am Syndrome!
I am Syndrome!

Yeah, he created a zero-gravity freeze thingamajig. Then, he has different laser guns with him. And he kept on creating things, long with the afore mentioned.

That is my Suicide Squad! How did you like it? Let me know in the commentsbelow who would be in your Suicide Squad! Until next time, readers and my followers, Goodbye and thanks for reading!!!!


Who's your favorite team member of my Suicide Squad?


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