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Ok so recently I listed down the marvel movies coming out. Soon I will make a x-men list. Here are the dc superhero movies

Batman vs superman

There is a lot of news going on about this. First commissioner Gordon might be dead and Jason Todd robin will be dead too. That is probably why batman is as dark as he is in the trailer well that and because zack Snyder is directing this. Batman will be very dark and Wong trust anyone except Alfred is what it's sounding like because you can tell batman does not want superman around. That is actually from the comics batman doesn't think anyone should have that much power so he tried to kill superman. Lex Luthor is the main villain and doomsday will be his muscle. Superman won't die though because he can't because he's only been in one movie and he has to play a major part in justice league. Superheroes such as aquaman, Wonder Woman, cyborg, and possibly flash have been confirmed except flash that's a maybe.

Suicide squad

There is a lot of news about this too. Batman has been confirmed to make an appearance in a car chase scene with Jared Letos joker. The characters in this have been confirmed as joker, Harley Quinn, killer croc, Deadshot, captain boomerang, el Diablo, King shark, katana, enchantress, Rick Flagg, and slipknot. There will also be batman, Amanda Waller, and Hugo strange. There have been pictures of jokers car it's a purple pink car with a license plate that says hahaha.

Wonder woman

gal galdot has been confirmed as Wonder Woman for batman vs superman and Wonder Woman.

Justice league

there hasnt been any news on this

The flash

ezra miller from perks of being a wallflower has been confirmed as Barry Allen the flash. Phil lord and christopher miller have been confirmed to write it. They wrote lego movie and the new hilarious tv show last man on earth.


jason momoa has been confirmed as aquaman for batman vs superman and aquaman


dwayne Johnson has been confirmed as black adam

Justice league 2

There hasn't been any news about this


Ray fischer has been confirmed as cyborg

Green lantern

chris pine from Star Trek and Star Trek into darkness is in talks for green lantern Hal jordan


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