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terminator genisys

im not even sure what the whole plot of this is. My reaction is just more oh my god Arnold Schwarzenegger is t-800 again but the movie does look cool and I think it will be good.

Space jam 2

this is for those of you who liked the first one, Lebron James is in talks for the basketball player role.

Ready player one

this one I'm especially excited about I read the book and it is my favorite book of all time it's pure genius. For those of you wondering what ready player one is its about the future and everything is polluted and sucky and a video game geek who grew up making video games made a virtual reality game called the oasis where you can make your avatar look however you want it to and money in the game is used as money in real life and the creator of the game james Halliday died and left a message for the oasis users saying that he left three keys around the oasis and the oasis is billions of galaxies and after you find each key and unlock each gate you get hallidays billion dollar fortune and a geek named Parziva or wade watts in real life looks for them along with billions of other people. Steven Spielberg has been confirmed to direct it.

Fantastic beasts and where to find them

eddie redmayne from theory of everything and Jupiter ascending is in talks for the main role

Star Wars force awakens

this will be the best movie of the year. JJ Abrams is only directing this one though but it will be awesome.

Jurassic world

this will be the best movie of the summer. The director is a good director he directed safety not guaranteed and that was the only movie he made and now he goes on to a major blockbuster

Blade runner 2

im really excited about this. Harrison ford will return as deckard. Harrison ford said the script was the best script he ever read.

Tron 3

tron legacy was a good movie to me and I think this will be great. Garret hedlund and Olivia Wilde will both return.


daniel Craig has not disappointed us as James Bond and he never will. Spectre will be awesome. Blofeld might be the main villain.

Kingsman secret service 2

the first one was awesome. Matthew Vaughn the first movies director is talking about this.

Gremlins remake/sequel

chris columbus has been talking about this and has confirmed it. Chris Columbus said it will be like the 2009 Star Trek where it features old characters and new characters.

Spiderman (2017)

this will be awesome especially if one of the avengers is in it and it sounds like ironman will be.


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