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I have never done this before but I am tempted to try. So let's get into this.

1.Victor Von Doom

What good is any team without the brains of the operations. A powerful leader who is ambitious, Powerful, and experienced. For my team that is Dr.Doom himself. The second smartest in the WHOLE marvel universe. Master of politics, so much so that he owns his own country. Master of the mystical arts (that will come in handy for later on). And powerful enough to take on the avengers time and time again only to shrug them off because he couldn't care less.

2. Agent Venom (Flash Ugene Thomson)

Superhuman strength, agility, reflexes and endurance, Organic webbing (like spider man),Immunity to Spider Sense (useful against spider man primarily), Limited shapeshifting and camouflage, and the Ability to cling to most surfaces. Agent venom is a real MVP.

3.Jason Todd

3.Jason Todd

One of Batman's own. A handy ally in life. A bad ass skilled foe in undeath. Being part of the Bat Family has its perks, he later joined the teen titans, then got tired enough to found the outlaws.

Deadly hand-to-hand combatant

Deadly hand-to-hand combatant

Access to high-caliber weaponry

In addition to coming back to life after being killed by the Joker. Bathed in the Lazarus Pit at the hands of Ra's Al Guul. Definitely someone worth having on your team.

4.Al Simmons (Spawn)

Now this is where Dr.Doom's mystical powers come in handy to tame this POWERHOUSE. A man who lived his life as a special forces agent and died to be brought back as a hell spawn. Equipped with a symbiotic suit much like Flash Thompson's he can fight while focusing elsewhere since the suit basically works for him. Since he lived his life as an Agent he can probably relate to Flash and Jason. And his feats of dethroning both satan and God make him the brawn of the team to take the hits while the team focuses on the other nessesary points of the battle.

5. Hanzo Hasashi (Scorpion)

Not unlike spawn Scorpion is also a Hell spawn and also lived the majority of his undeath taking orders. Scorpion is a skilled assassin trained in his living as a ninja and his death as a vengeful spirit. He is also a pyro kittetic. Scorpion has somewhat control but it can be waivers do leaving his hell spawn rage to take over. Making him act out irrationally in anger and vengeance.

So that about wraps it up. Dr. Doom being the brains is capable of keeping Thompson And Todd occupied because they lived their whole lives following orders. Using his Mystical powers he could Convince Spawn and Scorpion although they would be more so used as a Plan B or a kick ass entryway system. Either way at the end of the day. I have a cooperative team that kicks ass.


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