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A squad such as this band of misfits needs to have a kind of psychological chemistry through which each character is rightfully complimented and progressed. Every character needs to have a trait, physical or psychological, which will make this squad truly shine and be at it's best. Keeping this in mind, i have meticulously devised this squad which i hope will win you over,my dear reader.

we all go a little mad sometimes
we all go a little mad sometimes

NOTE- For my squad the 1960's version of Norman Bates will be used

This man right here will be a perfect start to this list. A man who can also be called the Joker of a motel(i ran out of good names). His identity disorder will bring about a different perspective to the team and even though he has no powers but hey that never stopped the Joker.

  • HYDE

NOTE- For my squad the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen version of Hyde will be used

Hyde will act as the muscle for the group. This monstrous bouncer will have a very great chemistry with Norman and Norman will help Dr.Jekyll explore Hyde like never before because they both have an identity crisis which will possibly lead to Hyde becoming a close protector of Norman.


NOTE- For my squad the Scorpion King 2 version of Astarte will be used

Ahh. The warrior goddess Astarte. With her powers she can vanquish any enemy and with her charms any man. Astarte is an interesting pick as id she and Jekyll develop a relationship, Jekyll will be more reluctant to use his serum in fear that Astarte will see him as a monster and dismiss him. She and Norman will have a heated relationship as she will view him as a petty mortal with no powers and thus she will resent him being on the squad.

  • KHAN

NOTE- For my squad the Star Trek Into Darkness version will be used

Finally. The last but definitely not the least. Khan's relationship with the whole squad will be greatly fitting. With Norman his relationship will be the same of Astarte's with Norman but he and Norman will definitely have their moments which will be ever so special . With Hyde it will be eerily similar to that of Norman's with both of them being somewhat fascinated by him from a psychological point of view. Khan will also be the envy of Hyde because he will fear if he will steal Astarte. Khan and Astarte ,both of them titans, will develop a rocky relationship and can relate to each other through their common hate for mankind

And that is it. This team will be perfect for a concept like that of Suicide Squad.


So what do you think? Will this squad kick ass?


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