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It definitely is one of the most hard working, lovely parts of life. I am not only talking about just living on your own, I am talking about doing so for the first time. Now, as you may have noted from my bio, I am only 19 years of age. Therefore, this is my first time living on my own.

It is great, terrifying, yet freeing. I mean, when living on your own, you are aloud to stay up all night long playing video games, watching movies, or whatever interests you, but you need to be at least somewhat responsible to make sure you can still keep yourself alive as a human being.

To that point, you have to make sure you actually go to, and show up for work, and/or school. Back when you were a kid, your parents helped you get up, or somewhat enthused you to do so, but when living on your own it is all up to you. I mean, if you do not force yourself to go to work, how will you even keep yourself alive, and in a home of your own?

It all sounds that of simplicity, and somewhat stupidity to not do so, yet you would be surprised about all the random things you never thought you would have to worry about. Like, what happens when you are in the middle of taking a crap, and you realize that you literally have no toilet paper? You literally have to go to the store just to buy toilet paper. There is no way your brain thought of that action even being a possibility in any persons lifetime when you were that of a child. You have to make sure you actually keep yourself fed, otherwise, you probably might end up doing this thing called dying. I mean, I am no expert, but I believe I do know enough to understand that if you are not able to feed yourself or at least drink something every once in a while, you probably will not end up doing so hot after time. You have to make sure that you are not just eating ice cream for dinner every day... I mean, you definitely can, however I, personally, would like to avoid feeling tired, run down, and miserable from an excessive intake of immense amounts of sugar.

You even have to make sure your things are protected, because when living on your own, you are the only person who is there or that really even cares much about your personal belongings. It is not hard to do so, yet it is, again, something you more than likely never would have imagined you would have to work, or use energy in doing such a thing... Watch out for yourself, and always be aware of your surroundings. I am probably not the only one that would be worried about losing something or ending up lost somewhere.

Lastly, not to mention, bills. I mean, I am lucky, I have not had too many in which I have had to pay... yet. It is a matter of managing your money, and making sure you do not spend all your money on things you don't need... Like Bilbo Baggins' sword, "Sting," from The Hobbit. No, I do not own that. It is certainly not mounted on my wall in my apartment, why would you think that was even possible. Although, having money to spend on things that do not even matter is great, there is a limit to what you can spend your money on, or at least how much you can spend.

There really was not too much of a point to this newest blog post of mine, besides pointing out all the quirky ideas, and life occurrences mentioned when living on your own. I suppose the entire point of this whole 834 words of writing you are viewing on your technological screen at this damn moment is that I just want to be a kid again. You remember the feeling. Being an adult is grand, and all, but we all know we would choose to be a kid again no matter what.

Well folks, this blog post is coming to an end in just a few more sentences, you will see. I just would like to thank all who view/viewed this post, and any of my other posts to my blog. I know I have been damn unforthcoming in regards to these posts as of late. I will try my best to keep you all more entertained, and updated in the thoughts that cross my mind during a day. I mean, having this thing called a job keeps me busy. I am not able to post as often as some might like. However, thank you once again for even reading these words that appeared in my brain. I promise, there will be more posts to come! Comments, questions, post ideas, are all welcome, and accepted. Have a good rest of your day/evening wherever you may be.


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