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United We Stand, Divided We Fall
Jo Isnain

For the Moviepilot Suicide Squad Contest, I wanted to build the best Suicide Squad team ever, heck, The Ultimate Suicide Squad team. To do this I picked some very handy candidates from movies,video games,comics and other franchises. Picking the candidates was the hard part because I can only pick 4 but these 4 candidates would make the best Suicide Squad team. Other Creators have already built their Suicide Squad but for me? I did it on the last minute so these are my handpicked candidates...

1.Balthazar Blake (Sorcerer's Apprentice)

This team would be all out awesome with a sorcerer on the team, because sometimes magic is the ultimate tool for saving the world and since I kind of liked Sorcerer's Apprentice I would pick Balthazar because he is a more experienced and powerful sorcerer. He's got style,charisma,power and tricks up his sleeves, believe me with Balthazar on the team the world won't know what to expect. He would be the first person to be on this team. Balthazar would be the leader of the group, since he has aged very well and has great leadership skills.

2.Slender Man (Slender The Arrival)

Spooky bahookey we also need a creep on the team, what's the ULTIMATE Suicide Squad without a teleporting,creepy and surprising character. Slender is a very very very creepy addition to this team, since he is very silent and has no face, nothing says creepier. Also with the tentacles and teleporting ability, he can scare you to death without even having to touch you. This creepy addition to the team will cause criminals to go crying for mercy. Slender would be the scarer of the group, and the fastest, since he can teleport.

3.Deadpool (Deadpool (video game),Deadpool (movie))

What's a SUICIDE Squad without an immortal merc with a mouth, he can commit suicide any time,anywhere and anyway he wants and can still get back on his feet. So lets see what he has...

  • Healing Factor - Check
  • Katanas - Check
  • Lethal,deadly,harmful and illegal weapons - Check
  • Superb fighting skills - Check
  • Maniac,mental,crazy and deadliness - Check
  • Can literally blow his head and any part of his body and still get back on his feet - SUPERCHECK!

and there's more where that came from, Deadpool would be the ULTIMATE addition to the team, that's what makes this ULTIMATE Suicide Squad, ULTIMATE. Deadpool is literally everything you need for the Ultimate Suicide Squad. Deadpool is the joker of the Squad too, you get depressed he entertains you, sometimes the Squad just needs a bit of entertainment.

Scorpion (Mortal Kombat X)

What's an Ultimate Suicide Squad without an ultimate warrior, Scorpion is my most favorite character in Mortal Kombat, have you seen his fatality, there is literally no way other Suicide Squads can defeat this Suicide Squad not even with Vandal Savage on their team. Scorpion is not only a trained warrior but also possesses the ability to control fire, there are three versions of Scorpion,

  • Regular Scorpion (every regular attributes of Scorpion)
  • Ninjutsu Scorpion (a more trained fighter and warrior compared to regular Scorpion)
  • Hellfire Scorpion (everything is perfect about him)

But for reals, all Scorpion versions are the same, and he would be the next ultimate tool for the Ultimate Suicide Squad. Scorpion would be the fighter of the group, the most badass fighter of the group.


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