ByDani Craighead, writer at

Vengeful commander of the Persian Navy. Artemisia is a highly skilled swordsman and a deadshot with a bow and arrow. But her raw commitment to the fight is what makes her the perfect warrior.

2. Mystique (Raven Darkholme)

Master of manipulation and ruthless assassin. This shapeshifter can be your every fantasy or your worst nightmare. Also a excellent at tech stuff and acquiring information.

3. Jennifer Check

She may be a demon but I don't think anyone could resist this clever succubus. A fun girly badass in every way. Although I wouldn't leave her alone with your boyfriend when she's hungry.

4. Katherine Pierce (Katerina Petrova)

Lookin' good for a 500 year old vampire. But don't let appearances fool you, she will not hesitate ripping your still beating heart from your chest. The ultimate survivor with a taste for blunt force trauma as her forte.


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