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Caution, dear reader, possible spoilers for Marvel's Ant-Man movie follow.

Marvel is having some fun playing with their comic book history in July's Ant-Man movie. Since 2008's Iron-Man, Marvel Studios has shown a willingness to play a little fast and loose when it comes to adhering to the comic book lore and shaking things up for the sake of their cinematic universe. This trend is continuing in Ant-Man - especially when it comes to the character of Hank Pym, as portrayed by Michael Douglas in the movie.

It is clear that Hank Pym is primarily the mentor to our new Ant-Man, Paul Rudd's Scott Lang. With the help of his daughter, Evangeline Lilly's Hope Van Dyne, Hank Pym trains Scott Lang on how to use his Ant-Man technology to break into his former laboratories which have been taken over by his former partner Darren Cross who has stolen Hank Pym's technology for nefarious purposes.

An Ant-Man Flashback

With the 70 year old actor Michael Douglas in the role of Hank Pym, not many were holding out hope that we'd be seeing Hank jumping into action. But, even though the trailers have so far kept these things out of sight, it is clear that this Ant-Man movie will have a flashback sequence featuring Haley Attwell's Peggy Carter and John Slattery's Howard Stark - and you can bet the bank that a young Hank Pym will feature in this scene as well.

Hank Pym plots the heist in Ant-Man.
Hank Pym plots the heist in Ant-Man.

It's expected that this scene will give us our first taste of the Ant-Man technology and Michael Douglas recently explained in an interview that his character is forced to stop wearing the suit after his long history with it has taken a toll on his body. This plays into the comic book history of Hank Pym - whose repeated exposure to the "Pym Particle" is revealed to cause both physical and mental strain after a while.

Hank Pym the Original Avenger

This flashback could be where we get to see Hank Pym, our original Avenger from the Marvel comic books, get enlisted by Agent Carter to step into action and take part in some covert operation or another. There are two actors currently listed on IMDb in unconfirmed roles - Gregg Turkington and Martin Donovan. I actually recall seeing Turkington listed as a "Young Hank Pym" somewhere in the past but I might just be imagining it or having seen it in a rumor at some point.

Ant-Man "Final Battle" Lego set.
Ant-Man "Final Battle" Lego set.

There's also a recent bit of marketing that might also point to Michael Douglas putting on the suit one last time to defeat Darren Cross' Yellowjacket. Lego toy sets have been coming out ahead of Marvel movies these days and raising all sorts of questions. But Lego play sets also have a tradition of not exactly sticking to the script when it comes to recreating scenes from these movies (see Vision in the Avengers: Age of Ultron Lego sets). But this could have some big implications for the movie.

Hank Pym's Final Battle

If this potential spoiler from the Lego set is accurate - that both Hank Pym and Scott Lang put on suits to take down Yellowjacket - this could mean that we'll see Hank Pym sacrificing himself to save the day. Michael Douglas made it clear that putting on the suit now would put Hank Pym's life in danger and we could be in store for a tearjerker ending in the Ant-Man movie.

No one wants to see Hank Pym die in his first introduction in the MCU but it would sure make for an impactful moment and possibly an inevitable one at that. I think Hank Pym's journey in Ant-Man will be a big part of the movie. It's clear that he's passing the torch to Scott Lang, and once he completes that and puts the Ant-Man suit in the right hands, his role in the MCU would seem to be complete. I have a strong feeling we'll all be pouring one out for Hank Pym after the Ant-Man credits roll. At least he'll go out fighting.

What do you think? Will Hank Pym die by putting the Ant-Man suit on one last time? Will he live to see another Marvel movie? Let us know your thoughts on the OG Avenger in the comments below!


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