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Of course, many of us would absolutely love to have Angelina Jolie's full lips and Kim Kardashian's famous derriere. Similarly, I doubt any guys out there would pass up being as handsome as Ryan Gosling or as chiseled as Brad Pitt.

Yet, while we all may dream, certain individuals around the world have taken their obsessions of looking like celebrities to the next level. Every year hundreds of people go under the knife and drop thousands of dollars to achieve an A-lister's coveted look.

The following 12 people have spent an ungodly amount on plastic surgery - do you think it was all worth it in the end? Take a look and decide for yourselves:

1. Justin Bieber

LA based Tony Sheldon definitely got a serious case of Bieber Fever, leading him to spend $100,000 on looking like the pop star 14 years his junior.

2. Kim Kardashian

This 25-year-old spent over $30,000 to look like the bootylicious reality TV star. She started her transformation when she was just 17 and now follows Kim's every move when it comes to bigger breasts, whiter teeth and gallons of spray tan.

3. Angelina Jolie

For "Octomom," being famous already for having an extensive brood of little ones clearly wasn't enough. She also tried very hard to be known for looking like Angie, spending thousands on achieving the actress's plump lip look.

4. Demi Moore

When Lisa Connell was diagnosed with cancer in 2009, she focused her efforts into looking like Demi Moore. For this, she spent over $64,000 - wow!

5. Ryan Gosling

Nicholas Ryan already had half the name and also wanted to be an actor. Yet this clearly wasn't enough, so he decided to spend a ton of money on cosmetic procedures to look like the Hollywood star.

Could he direct a film though? Check out Gosling's latest talent offering in the trailer for Lost River below:

6. Kate Winslet

For Deborah Davenport from Texas, spending $15,000 to look like Kate Winslet was entirely justified. She even endured getting cartilage shaved from her nose to achieve the uncanny resemblance.

7. "The Hulk"

Although not exactly a real-life celebrity, this is still absolutely crazy. A Brazilian man injected himself with a chemical called synthol to build mass and to look like the heavyweight superhero. His arms began to take on the properties of rocks and, despite an outcry from those around him, he found special needles that meant that he could continue to inject the substance. Ultimately, he developed a condition that meant he almost had to amputate his arms. Ouch!

8. Kim Kardashian (again!)

Jordan James Parker made headlines last year when he filled his Instagram with selfies, suggesting he had spent a whole load of money to look like Kimmy K. As well as forking out over $150,000 on plastic surgery, he also injected his face with collagen and botox. Of his transition into Kim, Parker said:

"Do they think I’m going for the natural look? If I was, I’d ask for my money back.”

Well, at least he's honest!

9. Jennifer Lawrence

We all know that J-Law is beautiful and this super-fan clearly thinks so too, going out of her way to look like her. Kitty spent $25,000, but was it worth it?

10. Lindsay Lohan

Ashley Horn is the estranged half-sister of Lindsay Lohan and reportedly to get the attention of their father, Michael Lohan, the young girl spent $25,000 on cosmetic surgery. Wow! Way to go to keep hold on those family ties!

11. Brad Pitt

Mike and Matt Schlepp decided to dish out 10,000 euro to look like Brad. Apparently they were trying to make it in the movie business and thought the desired look would land them some roles.

Well they certainly look slightly like him in Pitt's younger days... right?

12. Lady Gaga

When Donna Marie Trego was convinced she wanted to make it by traveling the world as the Mother Monster's tribute act, she went and spent 60,000 euro to look like her.



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