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One of the more obscure cartoons of the 1990s, FernGully: The Last Rainforest was nevertheless not an easily forgettable movie. The powerful environmental message the movie sent, as well as the anti-animal testing sentiment, were bold and thought provoking moves that films at the time (and even now) rarely put into such direct focus. On top of that, the movie's antagonist, Hexxus, was truly horrifying, and the fact that important characters actually die left a big impression.

That being said, the film boasts an impressive cast and comedic bits that lighten the heavy message considerably. The late Robin Williams, who voiced Batty Koda in the movie, used his unique talents to bring a hilarious touch of comedy (as only Robin Williams can), while Tim Curry expertly voiced the dastardly Hexxus.

Remember Batty's Rap at the beginning?

But, nostalgia trips aside, it turns out that there's some spectacular FernGully fan art featuring our favorite characters Crysta, Pips, Zak, Batty Koda, and Hexxus flying around the Internet. Check out a selection and make sure to comment which one was your favorite!

Crysta "Fairy of the Forrest" by enigmawing

This representation of Crysta is spot on!

Hexxus - C and H Collab Style by ShawnCoss

'Toxic Love' always freaked me out, but if this guy were singing it I think it would officially no longer be for kids.

Batty Koda by GlamourKat

Batty Koda, the animal testing escapee with more than one screw loose, was always my favorite. And, true to Robin Williams' style, you understand way more of what he's saying as an adult, but you love all his characters just as much as you always did.

FernGully by vic55b

Yup, Hexxus is still terrifying.

Help it Grow by BrushBell

Nothin' like a bit of Pips and Crysta 'shipping.

Hexxus - For Darkest of Days by evui

He's not quite as horrifying here, but I would still not like any of his toxic love, that's for sure.

Crysta by ricenrice

Crysta looks absolutely angelic here.

One beautiful morning in the Fern Gully by LordSiverius

Awww, these guys!


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