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Stay toasty, fellas! Dat boi has arrived.
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Suicide Squad. Brutal, fearless, intimidating and lethal. A legion consisting of the best, they are well renowned all over the world.

What if you could choose your own suicide squad? Well, since Moviepilot gave us a chance, I wouldn't want to miss it.

So here's my "Top 4 Villains" list who could join the Suicide Squad.

#1 Sinestro (Yellow Lantern Corps) : DC Universe

"Fear... shall rise."
"Fear... shall rise."

A squad needs a leader. A person who can consolidate great power. A person whom people can look up to. One such person is Sinestro. Weilding the powerful "Fear Ring", he can literally create anything he imagines.

Turning thought into reality. His creations are strong, and the ring, which is charged by fear, makes Sinestro a very indomitable foe. Difficult to challenge his might, his foes are scared silly when he's around. A huge ego, nobody wants to mess with him.

#2 Quan Chi : Mortal Kombat Universe

"You shall serve me... In Netherrealm."
"You shall serve me... In Netherrealm."

The big brains. The master planner. The game changer. Presenting Quan Chi, your worst nightmare. His skills in sorcery and magic far outweigh his fighting abilities. He is a master of necromancy and sorcery, as he is able to reanimate the dead into his service.

A squad needs a genius, a tactician who is always ahead of the opponents. Almost invulnerable, he can instantly heal and kill people with a flick of his fingers.

In addition to all of the above, he can also shape-shift, a useful ability to manipulate your opponents. A valuable asset to the team, Quan Chi is the perfect choice for this squad.

#3 Deadpool : Marvel Universe

"Got some chimichangas?"
"Got some chimichangas?"

A good squad is incomplete without some humour. You need someone to cheer you up. Plus, Deadpool and Harley make a good couple. ;)

*cough cough* Getting back to the topic; This badass, hilarious, mentally unstable mercenary is the real deal.

Known as the "Merc with the mouth", Deadpool is an extremely agile, strong and unbeatable warrior. His ability to regenerate at an amazing rate just makes him resistant to even a nuclear blast.

Proven to have a heart of gold, deep inside, Deadpool cares. For his squad, of course. You don't want to be on his bad side. Because if you do, a fate worse than death awaits you at the hands of this crazy anti-hero.

#4 M. Bison : Street Fighter Universe

"Hardly a match for a God!"
"Hardly a match for a God!"

The over-powered dictator who is bent on world domination and absolute destruction would be my next choice.

M. Bison, the main antagonist of the Street Fighter Universe, is the most arrogant, self - consumed, Herculean character who lusts for mere power.

He can go to any extent to get what he wants, that makes him even more challenging. Strong beyond measure, no one would dare to defy this super badass villain.

That's it folks! Hope y'all liked it, and I loved being a part of this Contest! Keep doing more!

P.S. Choosing over-powered characters like Thanos, Ultron, Evil Superman etc spoils the fun and doesn't explore underrated badass guys from other universes. So I'm sorry if I didn't include them. :)


So... Do you approve? Yay or Nay?


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