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Most people in life have a collection of bumps and marks that all have a story; a childhood fall, a car crash, a mishap with a sharp knife, or perhaps even something slightly more dramatic, I don't think anyone of us could name a person without a scar. However when we think of celebrities, we tend to associate them with being flawless, which is why I was surprised that so many of them have gnarly scars with fascinating stories behind them, just like us.

Take a look at these 11 famous (sometimes scarred) faces and learn a little about how they earned those distinctive marks:

1. Kaley Cuoco

How did it happen? In October 2010, Cuoco had a serious horse riding accident in which her horse actually smashed her lower left leg, crushing it.

2. Tina Fey

How did it happen? When Fey was just 5 years old, a stranger slashed her face with a knife in the alley behind her house.

3. Jonah Hill

How did it happen? When he was 15, Hill snuck out of his house with friends, and while riding in an SUV he stuck his elbow out the window. Soon after his friend flipped the SUV, dragging Jonah's arm as it skidded down the road.

4. Catherine Zeta-Jones

How did it happen? When Zeta-Jones was young she received life-saving tracheotomy surgery resulting in the scar. She has said before she is proud to show off the scar, telling People magazine, "I wouldn't be here today if I didn't have this scar."

5. Joaquin Phoenix

How did it happen? While many many think that the scar is a result of a cleft palate surgery, it was actually formed in utero as a mild form of cleft palate called a microform cleft.

6. Harrison Ford

How did it happen? In 1964 Ford was involved in a car crash when, attempting to put on his seatbelt, he lost control of his car and crashed it into a telephone poll, his face slammed into the steering wheel and resulted in his famous mark on his chin.

7. Tommy Flanagan

How did it happen? Years before Flanagan was even involved in the gangs of Sons of Anarchy he was assaulted while leaving a pub. His attackers slashed his face ear-to-ear leaving him with what's known as a 'Glasgow smile.'

8. Sandra Bullock

How did it happen? Sandra Bullock's tiny scar next to her eye was a result of slipping and hitting her head on a rock in a creek bed when she was a child.

9. Sharon Stone

How did it happen? When Sharon Stone was a child, she rode a horse into a taut clothesline resulting in the dramatic looking neck scar.

10. Kevin McKidd

How did it happen? When he was young he fell through a glass door, resulting in the scar between his eyes.

11. Sean Bean

How did it happen? Bean was struck over the eye with a boat hook by Harrison Ford (another member of the scar celeb gang!) while filming Patriot Games. A few years later, it was scarred again when he was assaulted in a bar brawl!

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