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Cool mom's the world over finally have a chance to buy their spiritual homeland because Regina George's Mean Girls mansion is on the market!

If you're a woman with a penchant for rock hard fake boobs and velour tracksuits, then you now have the chance to finally spread your wings and give your best girlfriends a place to imbibe in hump day treats for a cool 14.8 million dollars.

If that's not enough to tempt you, this was also the hallowed ground where we were first introduced to the legendary 'burn book':

Although the house has been totally refurbished and remodeled since Mean Girls' release in 2004 (because that's what rich people do for fun), there are still some recognizable pieces of Regina George's kingdom of narcissism in the real estate catalogue below.

The Grand Entrance

Memorable quote:

Cady: "Wow, your house is really nice!"

Regina: " I know, right!"

Regina's Bedroom

Memorable Quote:

Cady: This is your room?

Regina: "It was my parents room, but I made them trade me."

Luxe Lobby

Through a bit of detective work, the low ceiling shows that Regina George and her chums must have entered through the back door. How unbecoming!

Memorable Quote:

Regina's Mom: "Hey, hey hey! How are my best girlfriends?"

Of course, there is plenty more house that wasn't featured in the Tina Fey penned teen movie, and if you're the sort of person who insures their hair for $10,000, all of the riches below could be yours:

  • A foyer fit for a queen bee

Evil in human form has to make a dramatic entrance. It's science.

  • 6 Bedrooms

None of them as good as Regina's, obviously.

  • 12 bathrooms

Put that in your toaster strudel and eat it, Gretchen.

  • Multiple living rooms

If I lost count, I don't know how poor Karen coped.

  • A library

Not that you'd ever go here. The only book worth reading is in Regina's room anyway.

  • A sleek kitchen

Where better to finally lose three pounds?

  • A walk in closet

Second cabinet on the left is exclusively for pink.

  • A pool

Happy hour is from four 'til six!

If you think you're fetch enough to live like a plastic, the real estate link to buy this opulent Toronto palace is HERE!

Who knows, if you nab this pad maybe people will start to talk about you like this:

(Source: Go Social via Sotheby's Realty)


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