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Ranking Superheroes by Tier!!!! Who is at the top, and the Bottom

This system is a ranking for superheros, by raw power. There are five tiers, and I tried to use only well known characters, and stay away from obscure ones.


These are Street level characters, like Batman, (yes Batman!!!), Daredevil, Punisher, Electra, Black Widow, and Hawkeye. This tier is made up of those lacking any major powers, who must rely on skill, intellect, and determination, to get the job done.


Wolverine, Deadpool, Captain America, Cable, Cyclops, and others, have powers that are beyond human ability. They have been altered to the edge, or beyond, of human capacity, and they make up the second tier of this list, because of their incredible powers.


Flash, Quicksilver, Professor X, Spawn, Iron Man, Rogue, and others that make up this tier, are extremely powerful beings, with Amazing abilities, capable of feats, that border the impossible.

Tier 4

Green Lantern, Goku, Hulk, Wonder Woman, Superman (who is really a 4.5) , and others make up a very powerful group of elite characters. When a planet breaking villain comes along, these guys are there waiting.

Tier 5

Ghost Rider (as Zarathos), Silver Surfer, and Thor are on a level all their own. They fight villains who usually take teams of good guys to take down. Even evil gods and titans take these characters seriously, because they are gods, in their own right.

So...that's my list of tiers, and who I think belongs where. Keep in mind that sometimes a lower tier hero beats a higher tier hero, due to the way that powers or skills match up, dumb luck, or intellect. Another thing, I should mention is guys like Superman are a special case. He is actually a 4.5, because while not capable of the same feats, that my tier one guys are, he can do some things that the other tier two characters cannot, but I did not include "in between" tiers.


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