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Seen that Moviepilot were running this competition, so HAD to jump on board and enter. This is by FAR the best competition I have seen just for the fact the concept for the article is brilliant. Here I go;

#1 - The Mastermind - Hannibal Lecter

For me Dr. Lecter is beyond a mastermind, he is a truly disturbed genius with the intricate planning details that would lead him to being the ultimate leader of my Suicide Squad.

#2 - The Assassin - Freddy Krueger

This may seem unorthodox at first, however, is there a better assassin than one that can get you when you can do absolutely NOTHING to stop him. The second you nod off, boom Fred is there then you're gone! So for me Freddy is the ultimate assassin.

#3 - The Muscle - Jason Voorhees

Jason is the ULTIMATE muscle, nothing really stops him, plus anything that tries, gets a swift bop over the head with his machete ha.

#4 - The Muscle - T-1000

Does this really need a reason why? He's the freaking T-1000!


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