ByVenkat Bulusu, writer at

Season 3 took off really dark. This is a good sign for arrow fans as the show stands out from Flash because of its serious tone. This series has taken up a batman-kinda stance when comes to dealing with its characters right from its first episode. Season 3 was no different but it took things a notch higher with the green changing to black. Roy leaving is a bad thing to the series owing to the fact that he just started performing and now oliver is on his own again. Laurance wearing the canary suit is more like a disgrace to Sara. she clearly lacks both skills and experience to start kicking butt leave alone trying to take on Ra's. Ra's came off as a good villain although the series ending fight was no where close to season 2's mirakuru surprise. Felicity does a neat job along with Diggle. These two remain the silent winners. Thea slightly drags things, we loved her when she was stupid and with long hair. Malcolm gives you a great performance. He is as unpredictable as he ever was or will be. Oliver continues to work his charm and holds the show together. Let's just hope the next season brings back more dark events and less family drama.


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