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These game shows are nuts! And, they're American made! Hey, Japan! You're not the only ones that can put insane contests on TV! Here's our Top 5 weirdest American Games Shows list.

1. Total Blackout

A Syfy original game show in which contestants compete for $5000 by completing tasks in complete darkness. Forced to use their others senses the contestants would often think things were gross or dangerous, even though they were harmless. Other times, they weren't so harmless, like when a man had to guess that he was smelling an man's ass. Crying and screaming happened often. Total Blackout also had an elimination process that consisted of the losers falling though trap doors in the floor.

2. Oh Sit!

In 2012, the CW Brought us an extreme version of musical chairs called Oh Sit!. Contestants work their way around a circular obstacle course while a band plays music. When the music stops, they scramble across water on awkward bridges to the center of the circle where several chairs are located. The course is worth points and the chairs are each worth different points as well. It's basically if Wipeout and Deal or No Deal had a baby.

3. Man vs. Beast

In 2004, the people at Fox asked themselves, "What does America need to see?". The answer of course was a game show in which people competed against animals to see if they could do something better then them. In one episode, professional eater Takeru Kobayashi competed in a hot dog eating contest against an actual bear. He lost. It's a bear.

4. Supermarket Sweep

Capitalism and Consumerism, at its finest! Fill your cart with as much food as you can as fast as you can and make sure your items are worth the most money! That's literally the game. Apparently this is enough to entertain us all, because this show has been revived and recreated twice since it originally aired on ABC in 1965. How much you wanna bet some of the people on this show researched grocery prices before competing?

5. The Gong Show

One of the original talent shows on television, NBC's The Gong Show had some of the strangest "talents" ever. If a judge on the show didn't enjoy your performance, they would stop you abruptly by banging a loud gong. One of the fun things about the show were the absurd and pointless prizes. To give you an idea, the show's grand prize was $516.32. I hope these people got a hotel and a flight for being on the show, because that barely covers it.

What do you think are the weirdest American game shows? Did we miss any? Let us know!

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