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Well,its been a long time since I wrote any kind of blog. The last one was for uni degree in photography- but here goes.

I'm a disabled photographer called Kenny. I love everything outside the box as you will see from things I may post from time to time. I have a passion for all things comic book and cosplay and I am a massive fan of- and used to write- science fiction.

When I was a kid at school I used to write about fantastic worlds, incredible creatures and space and my teacher would say to me... "Kenny, why do you write all this rubbish? Things like this will never get anywhere, people wont read it and you have an over active imagination. I just used to smile and write it anyway. I did not know at the time that it was a passion that would never leave me- something I put into things I do now both photographically- when I can, and digitally through my art when I cant do the photography.

I hope at least one or two people like what I do, but if you dont, or if you feel I can do it better and want to offer advice, I'm happy to take it.

and just to show you what inspired my title for my blog, I had a vivid dream which I remembered the following day and thought.... that would make a cracking idea for a digital art image... so I spent 8 hours doing it.

and hello from me :)


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