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Now, with the recent release of Avengers: Age of Ultron, you might have expected our collective love of a certain talking raccoon and mono-syllabic tree-starring movie from 2014 to die down a little. After all, quick-quipping half-humans, green-skinned assassins and irony-filtered killing machines are all well and good, but surely our enthusiasm would have to die down in the face of a more serious, Earth-bound superhero movie? Right? Right?

Not a chance.

As it turns out, loving the Avengers (or Daredevil, or Agent Carter, or anything else for that matter) does precisely diddly squat to diminish the awesomeness of what's come before - especially when the what in question is Guardians of the freakin' Galaxy.

Also, this was a thing.
Also, this was a thing.

Which, presumably, is why you can still find fans producing giant slices of awesomeness like the gif-fed up trivia you can find below, as recently posted by an intrepid Imgur-er...


Zoe Saldana Being a Bad-Ass

Matched Only By the Bad-Assery of Dave Bautista

Meanwhile, "Were You Talking to Rocket?"

Groot Got Multi-Lingual

Gamora Kept it Real

James Gunn's Dog Made an Appearance

Rocket Got All Referential

And, of Course, Records Were Broken

All of which, collectively, proves one very important thing: trivia is better when attached to gifs.

(And, of course, that Guardians is still AWESOME...)

What do you reckon, though?

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