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Wanna Blow Sh*t Up With Arnie?

Well here's how!

Arnold Schwarzenegger is offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to not only meet the man but to blow shit up with him.

Last year, Arnie flew out the winner to Los Angeles to run things over with his tank!


Arnie is offering this chance on Omaze, a website that offers people a platform to raise money and awareness for various causes by offering donors the chance to win once-in-a-lifetime experiences with some of the world’s biggest celebrities.

And who will 'Blow Sh*t Up With Arnie' benefit? The After-School All-Stars, an after-school program that keep kids safe while helping them with school and other issues.

After-School All-Stars (ASAS) provides comprehensive after-school programs that keep children safe and help them succeed in school and in life. ASAS’ vision is for our All-Stars to be safe and healthy, to graduate high school and go to college, to find careers they love and then give back to their communities. ASAS serves 87,377 low-income, at-risk youth at 367 Title I schools in 15 major cities across the country — from New York to Hawaii.

for more information head on over to the ASAS website HERE!

You and a friend are flying to Los Angeles to join Arnold Schwarzenegger in a sequel experience so explosive it literally explodes! Your flights, 4-star hotel, and transpo? That’s on us. You’ll team up with Arnold at a secret rendezvous point where he’s stockpiled explosives for one single objective: To blow sh*t up. You’ll smash detonators, light fuses, or even use explosives to blow up other explosives! As for that epic slo-mo shot of you and Arnold walking away from the fiery, sky high finale? We’ve got you covered.

So What Do You Get?

  • Be flown to Los Angeles to blow sh*t up with Arnold Schwarzenegger and a team of pyrotechnicians
  • Throw a grenade, fire a rocket launcher, blow up a car and so much more
  • Stay in a 4-star hotel
  • Open to international entrants

Reward Programs

The first reward program starts at $10 and it will get you 100 entires and you will support ASAS, $25 will get you 250 entries, supporting ASAS and a digital thank you card from Arnold and the highest you can go is $50,000, 500,000 entires, support ASAS and get to participate in Arnold's 2016 charity poker tournament at his home in LA!

Head on over to Omaze and enter now!


Boom goes the dynamite!
Boom goes the dynamite!

So enter now for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!


Scrap this whole thing - don't enter! More entires for me!

Stop now... press the back button!
Stop now... press the back button!

Check out Arnie in Terminator Genisys in cinemas July 1st!

So what do you think? Want to go blow sh*t up with Arnie? Comment below!


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