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What do you think about this plot?

As we all know "The Flash" is headed to season 2 in fall. With the hopes of season 2 becoming as successful as season 1 and or even better we've got some pretty exciting teasers in season 1 finale. For instance, we've got Killerfrost, flash stopping his alternate from saving his mom and obviously Hawkgirl and also many more. But as the season ended we lost characters like Eddie, we lost Eobard which will... be a part in next coming seasons.

"The Flash" officially said that Eddie won't be a part in season 2, what they didn't say was about Rick,who plays the character, Eddie. The thing that I am excited about season 2 is that, hopefully, we will get to see Malcom Thawne which will be played by .....(drum rolls), Rick. I mean doesn't that make sense to you all? In the other universe Rick can be perfect to play Malcom. He will be the ancestor of Eobard and hence, reverse flash. But that would also mean that the guy which we all come to like in season 1 will be a whole new character, an unlikable, jealous of his brother, Barry, kind of character.

Moving on, I think season 2 will be different that season 1, completely. I thing in the next season it will all start for Malcom, I think. wouldn't that be exciting? Him saying his name "my name is malcom(possibly in star bucks)" and continuing from there. He will know about his brother and start stalking him and eventually knowing he is the flash and getting jealous of him. In season 2, I think Barry will confess to Iris about his love towards her and get married also we might see the actual Dr Wells (oh i can imagine all of my writings and its so exciting) who will be the helpful one. I also think the particle accelerator will change snow into Killerforst and we might not see Firestrom, maybe. I don't think hawkgirl will have much of a part in season 2. Rather in the future. I think Colbart Blue has a big role in season 2 than reverse flash has in season 2.

Bottom line is that the multiverse is so huge that the show " the flash" can create lots of season just to show what happens in the alternate timeline. That's the season 2 in my prospective. I would be happy if my view is correct but who knows.

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