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For those who don't know what fan art is out there- and there are a few- its art created by fans of movies, books and comics. What drives us is to pay homage to our favourite movies and stories in pictorial form. For me, its something that gives me pleasure to do, pushes me creatively and as and when I can do it, a sense of achievement once its done.

In my case I used my photography, and digital art and combine them to create unique( at least I hope so) images for people to enjoy. this image is a homage to the Matrix trilogy and I shot it with amazing model Kira Krueger quite a while ago and our MUA was Nina Kurzweil. This set included a Blade shot, and my Quorra project which got me front cover of Twisted Edge magazine.

This image was a mixture of studio shot, and images I shot from the viewing platform of the Rockefeller building in amazing NYC.

Trinity: Defying gravity.
Trinity: Defying gravity.

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