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So I had a good hard think and finally came up with what I think is an ultimate suicide squad team!

within this team I have thought about brute strength, awesome gadgets and a team who will strike fear into anybody.

1. Leader/ Brains: Gorilla Grodd - DC universe

nobody can deny Grodds physical strength and mental strength, his abilities include: telepathy, telekinesis, super strength, super human agility and one of the masters of combat strategising.

2. Gadget master and disguise: Predator - predator franchise

Who doesn't love predator? He is super fast, super smart, has the ultimate gadgets, predators equipment: cloaking device - a camouflage that bends light itself to form a sort of invisibility cloak that is actually just translucent, bio mask- this is so that predator can use enhanced thermal vision this is used to see heat, night vision, vibration scanning and an ultra violet scan too. This mask also comes equipped with a voice translator which is used to mimic anybody he needs which is a great addition to his stealth, predator also carries his own huge bunch of medi kits to heal him self when wounded if you ever got the chance.., predator also has some decent gadgets in his wrist gauntlet whether it be missiles or a power punch glove, self destruction device and remote pioleted predator vessels and it always comes with a sat com. Still not impressed? Predators weapons: wrist blades these attach to his gauntlet so he is ready for close combat, predators scimitar this is an extended wrist blade which is attached to predators arm, plasma caster this is used to blast enemy's from a distance and the automatic aim comes from his mask, plasma cannon, this is a hand held version of the plasma caster, spear gun this is similar to a crossbow only it fires small spears/spikes, combi-stick this is a spear that can either be used hand to hand or can be thrown at a great range at distant enemies, net launcher now you may have seen this used specifically in AVP when he shot the xenomorph and he flew Quite a distance when it hit him also you seen it automatically tightens in wire like netting which causes a torturous pain similar to death by 1000 cuts, smart disk this is a self guided disk hitting anything nearby, shrunken just like the self guided smart disk but it is larger and comes with its own fan like blades decpaitating anything nearby, glaive this is basically the combi stick but has a blade at both ends, maul this is basically a sharp version of a Batton or small baseball bat, whip basically a bull whip but when used properly can slice a limb or even slice an opponent I'm half and to finish off this over kill predator has mines! Sticky mines, remotely detonating mines and mines that explode on nearby touch.

3. Muscle brute: nemesis - resident evil 2 apocalypse

Just look at this guy!?!?!? Just is monsterous terrifying look will throw any opponent off, he truly has got brute strength and if you have seen the movie then you will understand, not only does he have great intelligence and strength but he comes equipped with a mini-gun!!!!!!!!

4. The female/ terrifying yet seducing: Dren - Splice

Dren may not come with amazing gadgets but she has an animal instinct yet she has a very human side too she kills for her predatory instinct so she would make a great asset to the team for hand to hand combat or a seducing tactic to get her kill. Although drew has a tail which has a piercing needle like spear on the end which comes with its own deadly poison, she can bite and also she has wings which means she can fly.

i believe this is the ultimate team of villains.

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