ByVenkat Bulusu, writer at

I am a great fan of the Avengers but this movie has definitely let me down.The one thing that cheered me up was that Cap had a much bigger role to play and Thor too. These guys put the smiles on sad faces ready to die in their seats during unnecessary-long family scenes of Hawkeye. The movie came with a heck-load of loop holes. Why would Ultron not spread and store itself on every device on earth instead of feeding into a few dumb suits. Why didnt they think of Ultron using the hulkbuster suit in the end scenes; That would have been amazing to watch. The twins were a good find but too soon to kill off one. The technology used by Tony just seemed too tiring.There was too much tech and still very little made use of. The first installment was way better and lets be frank, its better when the villain is powerful than the hero. Loki was truly missed. Iron man and hulk fighting was a good show, Thor hammer scenes were golden, Black widow just a show-doll again, Cap brings the roof down and Hawkeye finally gets some screen space.


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