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We've seen more than our fair share of misleading information out there when it comes to spoilers and plot leaks for Star Wars Episode 7. But there are more than a few things that have been revealed and can be trusted to be part of the actual movie - which can't get here soon enough. For spoiler hungry folks, the pickings have been slim when it comes to reliable information but lets look at where things stand at this point.

Once Upon a Time There Was a Lightsaber

One of the first rumors to surface on Star Wars Episode 7 was the opening scenario - Luke Skywalker's lightsaber falling through space, ending up in new hands and setting off the events of a new trilogy picking things up thirty years after the events of the original trilogy. This has remained a constant and we even got to see that lightsaber being passed from one hand to another (from Maz Kanata to Leia?) in the latest teaser trailer.

Luke Skywalker's lightsaber, from Maz to Leia.
Luke Skywalker's lightsaber, from Maz to Leia.

What hasn't been as solid in the information that has come out is how big a factor the actual presence of Luke Skywalker plays in Star Wars Episode 7. There have been conflicting rumors saying that he only appears at the very ending of the movie (lending a cliffhanger vibe to set the stage for Star Wars Episode 8), that we might actually catch up with what his character has been up to over the past 30 years, or that he will only feature prominently in the last act. But no matter the amount of screen time Mark Hamill has in the movie, there's little doubt his presence will be felt throughout.

The New Star Wars Jedi: Finn or Rey?

Our focus will be on a new trio of heroes being introduced as our guides through the new trilogy. We know Rey is our resourceful scavenger from the desert planet of Jakku, Finn is our reluctant Stormtrooper looking to free himself from the tyranny of Kylo Renn and The First Order, and Poe is our Resistance fighter pilot. Less certain is whether Finn or Rey is our new Force-sensitive potential new Jedi.

From what we've heard about Rey's introduction - her character showing off her agility and fearlessness as she jumps and climbs her way through a crashed Star Destroyer - and the fact that it was recently confirmed actress Daisy Ridley received bojutsu training in preparation for her role as Rey, the scales have definitely been tipping towards her character being the Force-sensitive one who may or ay not have some Skywalker blood in her as the daughter of either Luke or Leia.

Star Wars 7 concept art of Finn, Rey and Maz Kanata
Star Wars 7 concept art of Finn, Rey and Maz Kanata

Finn has been a character that's been a bit trickier to pin down but a new rumor at Making Star Wars attempts to shed some light on the character. We've seen the concept art of Finn wielding the lightsaber in the presence of Maz Kanata and Rey - and there may be some Jedi destiny in him yet. The report on the site describes some of the events after Han Solo, Rey and Finn go to Maz Kanata's for some guidance how to reunite the lightsaber with Luke Skywalker. It sounds like Kanata can see the path that the lightsaber needs to take and when Maz gives the lightsaber to Leia she tells her that it should go to Finn, and not Rey.

Star Wars 7 concept art of Rey, Finn & Kylo Ren
Star Wars 7 concept art of Rey, Finn & Kylo Ren

In a way, it makes sense given that Rey has her own trusty weapon with her bo staff, and possibly Han Solo's gun, and everyone knows that Stormtroopers are lousy when it comes to guns so Finn has to have something else to rely upon, right? This may end up being something of a red herring though - with the movie making the final act reveal of Rey being the true intended recipient of the lightsaber after all when Finn is defeated in a battle with Kylo Ren only to have Rey pick up the weapon and prove to be the truly skilled one with it and the one who will eventually reunite Luke Skywalker with his sword.

What do you think? Will it be Finn or Rey who is the truly Force-sensitive one and the potential new Jedi in [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158)? How big of a role do you expect Luke Skywalker to play in the movie? Keep the speculation going in the comments section below!


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