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Kyle PoPo

Alright. My suicide squad. Since ANY universe goes...


I put Turles as my first pick because he is the ultimate DBZ movie villain. He is the only movie villain to actually obliterate Goku and the Z Fighters. Plus. With the Tree of Might he is virtually undefeatable .


Our favorite merc with a mouth. One of the most badass characters to come from any universe. Deadpool, being a mercenary, can be a hero OR villain. He has went after hero's before and can do it again for the right price. Also, being immortal kind of helps... Not to mention he has a insane stock pile of weapons.

Androids 17 and 18-

These two are insanely strong human-robot hybrids from DBZ. Created by Dr.Gero of the Red Ribbon Army, these two killing machines are equal on power and love to destroy . much like joker and Harley Quinn. Plus. Being stronger than a super saiyan and faster than Son Goku help a lot in combat situations.


This wizard from DBZ may seem like just a roach but is actually benifitial. He can take control of hero's through false promises like he did to vegeta. Not to mention he can call upon Majin Buu and Dabura at any time.

Last but not least...


Thanos. One of the strongest in the MU... Thanos is an extremely powerful and wise being that can lead the group. With his infinity gauntlet he pretty much is god. Thanos by himself could wipe everything in existance out. But instead of that, his minions can do it for him. So, he would pretty much be frieza.

In my opinion, this team is unstoppable. Especially with the backing of Thanos.


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