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You asked who would be in my own personal squad and here are my answers. Hope you enjoy them......

1. Magneto- Marvel Comics

A master of magnetism, a brilliant strategist, genius level intelligence and has no problem with mass destruction. He will be the leader of the group considering his experience with juggling different personalities and ability to adapt to situations. He'll need a second in command just as intelligent ( if not more so) than he is. Which brings me to my second choice.....

2. Ozymandias- DC Comics

As the smartest man in the world he can plan anything to within a quarter inch of it's life, so he'd be more than capable of putting together a full proof plan so incapable of failing that Rita Repulsa's Putties could do it. Add the fact that he has the athletic capabilities to beat two expert fighters and catch bullets, and you have a man who can hold his own against many worthy oppenents, and beat you at chess while he's at it.

3. Lady Shiva- DC Comics

We needed a lady......but she's not just any lady. Regarded as one of the deadliest assassins on the planet Lady Shiva can play on the boys team whenever she wants! Batman said, "She may well be the best fighter alive!" To get a compliment like that from one of the best pure ass kickers in the world, you would think it be in your best interest to take her seriously.

And now we need a brute! One that can follow orders and....oh hell let's be honest, he has a need to destroy everything everywhere he goes. So who better than.....

4. Gorilla Grodd- DC Comics

He's a telepathic gorilla who can talk, is stronger than sixty men, can take over people's minds, invent stuff, (like two big ass laser guns) and has an overwhelming hatred for humanity....yeah he'll do! Magneto should be able to keep him motivated and in check long enough to take over the world, and then he can have Africa, and probably Europe too.

So there's my list. I hope you liked it, mainly because I could've just used The Plutonian and called it a day! I mean come on, he's Superman with no regard or compassion for human life. Besides.......I could use a new tablet!

Thanks for reading!


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