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Searching for cool superhero facts and easter eggs
brent gulde

1. Ultron

We all know that every team needs an unstoppable member to defeat enemy and Ultron is a perfect idea to choose a unstoppable member. From the indestructible body we sure that any kind of enemy cant event hurt a single part of Ultron. "The indestructible metal"

2. Reverse Flash

No team cant be successful without this yellow speedster. Using his super speed, he can rearm enemy very fast without a blink of an eye. At any cost if he's team didn't won the battle , he use his speed force to back in time to fix the mistake that his team make to win a battle. At any cost he can also go to the past and kill the person he wants. "The Time fixer and changer"

3. Loki

This villain shows that everyone can fall from his illusion ,from the avengers through his brother Thor. Without this villain no one can ever disguise himself to fool the enemy. Or to fake his team death. "The illusionist"

4. Lex Luthor

This villain shows that it doesn't need to have power's to defeat the enemy.He usually use his brains instead of his strength to defeat the enemy.From low class to high class.And he is also fitted to be the leader to the squad. "Leader and the brain"

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