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Ah, college. Truly the closest thing I'll ever get to a Disney adventure. Between the total lack of parental supervision (I'm looking at all of you, dead Disney parents) and the constant hunt for identity (hello, hero's quest), I truly never fully respected it for the magical time it was...until it was over.

Now, DeviantArtist Hyung is taking me right back to school with his collection of Disney University illustrations. He imagines classic characters as modern-day university students, updating their wardrobes in fitting and creative ways. My personal favorites are the animals that get anthropomorphized (definitely never thought I would be jealous of Bambi's aesthetic).

Here's a limited collection of Hyung's marvelous work that will make you wish all of these animated characters could really go for their degree.

Elsa and Anna

Ever the doting sister, Anna clearly followed Elsa to whichever school she chose. As the experienced senior, the elder sister can show the ropes to freshman Anna.


Yes, that's Bambi, and like I said earlier, I'm jealous of pretty much everything about him. That especially includes that Kodama (little wood spirits from Princess Mononoke) on his bag.


Hyung imagines that Cinderella is pursuing Botany for her major and always makes it back to her dorm room before midnight. Hopefully she requested a single because that is a seriously early night for most college kids I know.

Gaston and Phil

As Disney University's physical education teachers, Phil and Gaston make quite a pair. I've gotta admit, between both of these guys' track record with pursuing women, I'd avoid their classes like the plague if I were a young co-ed.


Continuing her domination as the most effortlessly chic Disney princess around, Jasmine looks like the type of girl I would have flown to the ends of the earth to be friends with.

Lady and the Tramp

More human transformations! The best part of Hyung's work is the little nods to other Disney movies in many of these works. There's little Oliver (from Oliver and Company) trying to get some attention from Tramp.


I'm glad Geppetto didn't force Pinocchio into a craftsman apprenticeship and let him pursue his own interests. I'm thinking Philosophy with a focus on existentialism and the human condition.


It's kind of unreal how much this version of Tarzan looks like SO MANY students in Southern California. Though, that could just be the longboard.


I couldn't resist including this one simply because of that Kermit the Frog on her clutch. I get you, Tiana.

Snow White

Proving that she didn't leave her style behind in 1938, Snow White gets an updated look that's both casual and sophisticated. Of course, she accessorizes with an Apple product.


Lastly, we have Quasimodo, who must look at college as the ultimate paradise after his time with Frollo. He's pursuing his passion for sculpture, crafting an impressive Goliath to keep him company in lieu of Victor, Hugo, and Laverne.

For even more creations (including Disney villains as professors!), you have to check out Hyung's DeviantArt gallery. No studying is required as long as you bring that prior Disney knowledge.

(Source: DeviantArt)


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