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Rob Harris

Everyone's favorite Italian plumber (who, suspiciously, never seems to do any actual plumbing) has remained a video game icon for decades - but have you ever seen Mario drawn like this before?!

These incredibly talented fan artists have taken Nintendo's Goomba-hopping mascot in some fantastically bizarre and totally unexpected directions, throwing convention firmly out of the window. These are some of the weirdest, most original pieces of Mario fan art from around the web:

Roid-Rage Mario

[Source: Andrew Domachowski]

Psychoactive Mario

[Source: Miguel Quintero]

Grand Theft Mario

[Source: Amirul Hafiz]

Princess in Distress

[Source: Kudos No Tierra Studio]

Diabetes Mario

[Source: Lam Nguyen]

Acid Mario

[Source: Yema Yema]

Princess Daisy Gets Oily

[Source: TheJayPhenrix]

Pulp Mario

[Source: Ástor Alexander]

Gender Swapped Bros.

[Source: masao]


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