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Varia Fedko-Blake

Oh, wow! This cosplayer has just taken the art to the next level.

Putting his talent to Lina from Dota 2, the ranged Intelligence slayer with the ability for phenomenal damage, this guy has really created one of the best examples of cosplaying I have ever seen.

Not only is Táy Máy Tò Mò's outfit spot on, but it must have taken days and days to perfect - it appears to be made out of materials such as floor mats and Coke wrappers. But it's the effect of it that is really jaw-dropping.

Because this dude has literally set himself on fire! How does he remain unharmed though, I wonder?

It almost makes you forget that it's a real human being at all. Absolutely incredible.

To see how he does it, take a look at the full video below:

Apparently, the fiery effects are accomplished by using a peculiar mix of dishwasher soap and Axe body spray.



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