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Between his short-lived scene in Guardians of the Galaxy and the post-credits scenes in both Avengers movies, we've only gotten passing glimpses of Thanos, but every time he's been more than a little intimidating.

Before visual effects artists could convey his obvious power, however, they needed to make him look real, and the process behind that is fascinating. Luma Pictures, the VFX powerhouse behind this transformation, has recently explained what it took to make these characters fully visualized, and the video below describes the particular process used for the Mad Titan.

According to Luma Pictures VFX supervisor Vincent Cirelli:

Loic Zimmermann our concept designer took the most prevalent features of Josh Brolin that we thought would stand out the most and put them into who the character is underneath. He began blending those elements. We’ve taken Josh’s eyes, some of his cheek, how his muscles move when he talks and blended that into his caricature. Thanos has this incredibly large jaw and deep grooves that run throughout his face which needed to be carefully planned out with the movement of his face.

The breakdown of such a complex blend of motions is clearly what made Thanos so lifelike and, judging by the clip, seems like an incredibly daunting task. In the end, though, we got a fully realized villain, and it's certainly not the last we'll see of him.

By the time Thanos makes it to [The Avengers: Infinity War](tag:738027), this backlog of effects is going to come in mighty handy.


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