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The reality that Nina Dobrev will not be returning to The Vampire Diaries has still not fully set in for many of us. And it seems that even her fellow co-stars are struggling with the loss of their closest cast member.

"It was very difficult!"

In particular, Candice Accola and Kat Graham have opened up about Nina's emotional departure, emphasising how sad the moment truly was.

Speaking to US Weekly, Accolla, who plays Caroline in the series, said:

"I can understand as a TV viewer how emotional it is, because I get very emotional with my television [...] We barely got through it! It was very difficult."

Indeed, we aren't surprised that the emotional roller-coaster of her exit left the rest of the vamp crew in shambles. She continued:

"Elena is the heart of the series. It is bittersweet but it's also exciting [...] We've all become a family one way or another and you are excited to see people you care about move on to different endeavors."

And in tribute to their on-screen and off-screen BBF, the two shared their favorite moments with her.

What were they?

For Kat, the most memorable times were "living with her and sleepovers."And for Candice, it was the season finale and the last scene they had together that really struck a chord.

And finally, a question we have always wanted to hear the answer to was brought up...

Were the two ladies a Delena or Stelena fan?

Whilst Kat joked that she's not "stupid enough to answer that question," Candice was more willing to shed light on where her loyalties lay. She says:

"I was always a Delena fan."

Me too, Candice, me too.

Watch the full interview clip here.


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