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Along with superbly stylized fight scenes and a commitment to unabashed fun, [Kingsman: The Secret Service](tag:713143) had some of the best visual effects that we saw in theaters this year. They helped the film adaptation stay true to the cheeky tone of Mark Millar's comic book and gave moviegoers a more-than-satisfying eyeful.

It's no easy feat creating such a unique vision, one that left a lot of scratching our heads wondering, "how did they do that?" Now, BUF, the visual effects company that brought those Kingsman CGI scenes to life, has released a short video that elaborates on the process. It's marvelously choreographed and well worth a watch, so check it out below!

Spoiler warning: if you haven't seen Kingsman: The Secret Service yet, the following clip reveals a major plot point. I would avoid watching if you still want to watch with a blank slate.

From BUF's official website, the production notes give a little more background on their strategy for making something as gruesome as exploding heads appear comical and even breathtakingly beautiful:

This effect is mostly condensed in one sequence where the explosions occur one after another in a musical choreographic manner. Within 9 shots, 216 heads explode. The challenge was to propose a particular explosion design highlighting the ballet look of the sequence while avoiding the “gore” moments of a head exploding.

Hopefully, with the DVD release coming up on June 9, we'll be seeing even more behind-the-scenes footage like this.

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