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So what would happen if Alien met Star wars was a question I asked myself a couple of weeks ago. I am a Huuuuuge fan of both franchises. I think Alien rocks as do the Star wars movies and so I decided to explore the theme with a 3D and photoshop project. I came up with Darth Geiger: Predalien Sith lord

I found it very frustrating. I have spent a small fortune on a custom graphics rig and cintiq, yet my software will only render to the cpu. I have seen enviously what Octane render can do and would love one day for the guys at Octane render to maybe let me play with the program for a bit to see how it could push my skills further.

Anyway, this is the image. It is still a work in progress and I know it could look totally awesome if rendered in octane render, but for the moment I will never know.

Darth Geiger: Predalien Sith lord.
Darth Geiger: Predalien Sith lord.

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