ByNikka Herondale, writer at

You all know what Serena & Blair have been through if you watched gossip girl you definitely do and if you don't think they are goals well get ready because I'll prove you wrong.

1. They've been through so much but their friendship stills goes on

Well... That's what strengthens friendship right? Because after all they did at the end of the day they'd still be your bestfriend and who wouldn't want that?

2. They basically grew up together

No matter how distant you become your childhood friend will always know you best.

3. They know exactly when something is wrong with each other

S&B always knows best when it comes to each others problems.

4. They always plan the most devious revenge

You and I both know you don't want to mess with S or B specially S AND B because they always get the last laugh.

5. They go everywhere together

Isn't that what all bestfriends want? To travel the world together and in style.

Now if you still don't think S&B are goals get ready 'cause they are out to get you




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