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Something that has started to interest me is comic book covers. I love the way they are the mirror to the contents and entice you in. I especially like graphic novels that take the imagination and use the medium of graphic art to tell a story that ( once upon a time) could not be done in real life.

For a year or so now I have , when occasion allowed, shot cosplay and tried to put my spin on mock comic book covers. This one- Deathstroke: The Evolution of Slade Wilson, was shot with my friend and model Matt Stobbs and the Death stroke character and graphics created by me later on my computer. It is one of many I intend to do both with the DC universe and Marvel universe. Indeed I have been contacted by a few cosplayers who are interested in this being done with them.

DeathStroke: The evolution of Slade Wilson.
DeathStroke: The evolution of Slade Wilson.

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