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In the last 15 years, the Superhero genre has increased in demand due to a gradual success in the level of superhero movies. Films such as X-Men 2, The Dark Knight and The Avengers have helped this genre surge through to be the most popular genre in recent years. And it has got to the point where this genre will never die down to the level it was at pre-2000.

Also with huge slates coming for Marvel, DC, and Fox. It looks like the level of Superhero movies are set to increase. But the question is, will people get fatigued with quantity of these movies. I don't believe so, and this is why:

Box Office Success

So far the MCU have earned over $8.4 Billion worldwide. The Dark Knight Trilogy earned just under $2.5 Billion, the X-Men Franchise has earned over $3 Billion Worldwide, and Man of Steel alone has earned over $650 Million, with BvS round the corner! This is a display that there is a huge demand in superheroes. So much so that a fair amount of these films are in the Billion Dollar Club.

Despite in the earlier years, the likes of the Spider-Man trilogy and the first few X-Men films, making around $400-$500 Million worldwide. The Dark Knight became the turning point as they were the first to reach $1 Billion. Then the likes of Iron Man 3, the two Avengers films, and The Dark Knight Rises also reached $1 Billion. This shows that there is consistency for demand of Superhero films. And continues to keep at the same level, or maybe continue to increase.

Creation of Universes

Back in 2008, Iron Man gave us our first glimpse of a Marvel Cinematic Universe, and this allowed fans of the film to get more excited at the potential of what is to come. People were excited for who would be in these movies, and to see all their favorite superheroes together.

This is what benefited individual solo films within the Marvel Cinematic Universe so much, because not only does it add an intriguing story-line to these films, as the overall story-arc threads through every film. But all the fans of Superheroes are more excited because they know that these films lead to a bigger picture, so the quality of the movie would usually increase.

To further prove this, an already established universe can allow for expanded story-lines to success towards the general audience, such as Captain America: Civil War, which would not work as well if it was a lone movie, without a universe surrounding it.

Celebrity Attraction

Recently, the mainstream A-list actors and actresses have become attracted to the popularity of the Superhero genre. The likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Russel Crowe, Sir Ian McKellen, Anthony Hopkins, Tommy Lee Jones, Michael Douglas, Samuel L Jackson, and Robert Redford.

This would not only improve the quality of the movie due to the level of acting dramatically increasing, but people would be more attracted to the movie because of the big names attracted to the project.

Story-line Variation

On the face of it, a Superhero movie seems to be quite generic. Superhero rises, villain rises, they fight, Superhero wins. The end. But Superhero films have recently tried to pull away from this, such as Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which tried and succeeded in becoming a political thriller, which no one expected, and Thor: The Dark World, which was virtually a fantasy movie. And even the first Iron Man movie was so grounded in reality that it escaped Superhero cliches completely.

This variation can allow fans to go into Superhero films without knowing fully what the film could try and come across as. Which would add excitement to the customer when going in to see the film.

Large Amounts of Source Material

I know it is very obvious to say, but The Superhero movies have a huge amount of Source Material to create its movie on. And due to the large amount of comic books for the Superheroes. This means that there are a high amount of story-lines for the superheroes. Especially for the likes of Batman, Spider-Man, and Superman, which would have thousands of comic books with different story-line.

This empathizes the variation that is potentially there. Which would keep demand consistent as the Superhero movies would not feel repetitive with carbon copy story-lines, like other genres.

Its become it's own genre!

The superhero movies have become so popular that people have separated these movies as their own genre. And if you look at other genres, such as Action & Adventure, Comedies and Romance, these movies have been going ever since the start of cinema, so if those genres are capable of it. Then Superheroes are definitely capable of holding its own.

So that is my opinion, whats yours? Do you agree with me, or do you disagree with me, comment below and let me know!


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