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Hi Guys ,this is my first post in Moviepilot.What if You get a chance to form your own Suicide Squad? I am thanking Moviepilot for giving such a chance to tell our own creativity .

So, here's my "Deserved 4 villains" who could join the suicide squad!!

1)Magneto :(X -Men Days of the Future Past)

"Come on Guys ,lets destroy everything!! (o_O)
"Come on Guys ,lets destroy everything!! (o_O)

A Squad needs a person to lead, and one such person is Magneto. Magneto is the master of magnetism. He is a powerful mutant, a subspecies of humanity born with superhuman abilities. He can destroy anything which comes in his way. He is the perfect one to lead the squad.

Lets come to reality. Magneto has the ability to capture the world and show the world exactly why it should tremble at the sound of his name. He has the immense strength and the mastermind to make others fear and not to mess with him.

2)Shredder :(Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles )

Want some skills? ,call me rather..haha (o_o)
Want some skills? ,call me rather..haha (o_o)

Shredder has sharpened his skills to the highest level.. He's cruel, heartless, and doesn't care about anyone but himself. He is covered in razor blades making him scary to attack.

He may be the creepiest villian who doesn't want others to mess around with him. With his immense abilities, Shredder is the right choice to be a part of the Suicide Squad.

3)Abomination:(The Incredible Hulk)

Abom Smash.. (O_O)
Abom Smash.. (O_O)

The real meaning of Abomination is "a thing that causes disgust". Yes, perhaps he is also a right choice to be in the squad.

The Abomination possesses vast superhuman strength, enabling him to lift (approximately 100 tons, making him the power house of the squad. In addition to great strength, the Abomination's body possesses a high degree of resistance to injury, pain, and disease. The Abomination's skin is capable of withstanding great heat without blistering and his highly efficient physiology renders him immune to all terrestrial disease. So, he makes way to the Suicide Squad.

4)Brainiac :(Superman)

Brains .....(O_o)
Brains .....(O_o)

Brainiac has an extremely advanced mental abilities that have allowed him to work through numerous robotic and even human proxies make him a dangerously formidable opponent.

A genius with a twelfth-level intellect (The entirety of the human race only has a level 1 intellect) and hyper-advanced technology, which makes him the fourth member and the mastermind of the Squad.

Magneto, Abomination and Shredder have been on the screen, but Brainiac didn't appear on the screen, so I am eagerly waiting for Brainiac to appear in a Superman movie in near future.


1)Magneto - Leader of the squad.

2)Shredder - SkillMaster of the squad.

3)Abomination - Power House of the squad.

4)Brainiac - MasterMind of the squad

And Finally

"My Suicide Squad is ready to take charge to destroy this world "




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