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Alright, you guys! This is my first ever post, so bear with me, but I want to enter into the world of Moviepilot and show off my nerd stuff :p

Anyways, when I saw that there was a competition for who could create the best Suicide Squad, I knew I had to enter. So, here we go :)

1. Loki

Yes, I know Loki is in the Marvel cinematic universe and not DC like the Suicide Squad, but let's be real. Loki is brilliant and all things amazing. Every team has to have the mastermind and the leader, someone who is both intelligent and insane. And Loki fits the bill. Not only did he take on the avengers, he was smart enough to recruit people who would serve his task. This goes to show that he can work alone but understands strength in numbers. This makes him an ideal candidate.

2. Deadshot

Now I bring in the DC :) Every team needs a loyal and yet dangerous person who can pick off people from behind. And Floyd Lawton/Deadshot does exactly that. Not only can he take care of himself in hand-to-hand combat, his specialty is in weapons and sniping. He, like Loki, is the perfect mix of intelligent and insane. And though he prefers to work alone, I'm sure Loki could connive him into joining the team.

3. Riddick

We look care of the mastermind and the sniper, now we need someone who gets up-close and personal. This would be Riddick, the man who never quits and never lets someone else win. He too can sometimes prefer to work alone, but he is a survivalist and if he needs to he can coordinate attacks with people. Plus, he makes games out of killing people which I'm sure Headshot would enter into with him, just for the fun of it. And now our final member:

4. Agent Smith

Every team seems to have the guy who never dies, so here he is! Agent Smith is not only unable to die, but he can take over any person he wants to and transfer out into another within a second. He sees who he needs to kill, he becomes the person next to him and stabs him in the back. Also, he is able to self-replicate and take on any number of people. Yes, Neo did beat him, but that was Neo! I'm sure he could take on any of the team, and that would keep them all in check. Agent Smith is the enforcer.

So, what do you think? They're deadly, diverse, and all driven to execute one goal: kill no matter the cost. Perfect, especially for the Suicide Squad.


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