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We are at the start of a new event on the world of Battleworld. All colonies are inhabited by some form of universe that we have seen before in some way. But, finally we see a region with characters that we have never seen before. We get to see a villain from the past in a new way. We get to see an event from 1992 taken to a new level. We get to see a family battling for survival on a world that reminds me of "Starship Troopers". But, what we don't get is any reminders of the set that the title shares. No, don't read this book if you're expecting to see Thanos take on the entire Marvel universe. Instead, read this book to watch a family take on an armada of bugs.

This is one of those comics where if you go into it with the expectations of the classic saga "The Infinity Gauntlet", you are going to hate it. You need to go into this book knowing that it's not even close to similar to that epic. Minus in this issue are a majority of the characters that appear on the cover. Thanos appears for 2 panels. The new Nova appears at the very end of the issue. Starlord isn't even mentioned in the issue. Instead, we get a basic storyline involving the Bakian family, which consists of a father, grandfather and daughter who are trying to survive in a region that has been destroyed by alien bugs. The mother of the group, who turns out to be Nova, has left them to take the battle to the insects homeworld. In the end, you can almost completely forgive this issue for the lack of Thanos because what there is is strong. Weaver and Duggan take readers deeper into a ravaged realm of Battleworld and I can tell you right now I want to know more about this place, this family, what happened and what is going to come next. The creative team had me emotionally invested from the outset and I can't wait to see where they take The Infinity Gauntlet as Secret Wars continues. This story has alot of potential and could really turn out to be one of the better crossovers of this epic event. But again, don't go into it looking for Thanos taking on the Marvel universe. I give this issue a 7 out of 10.


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