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Tom Hardy’s look of disdain is easily seen sketched across his face, as he faces a bemusing question from a journalist during a recent Cannes Q&A. Toronto Star film critic Peter Howell was questioning whether or not Hardy was concerned with the inclusion of such powerful female characters within [Mad Max: Fury Road](tag:41445).

Howell: I have a question for Tom Hardy. Tom, I’ll preface my remarks by saying that I have five sisters, a wife, a daughter and a mother so I know what it’s like to be outgunned by oestrogen. But I just wanted to ask you, as you were reading the script did you ever think ‘why are all these women in here. I thought this was supposed to be a man’s movie?’
Hardy: No. [Laughter] Not for one minute…
[Charlize Theron off-camera]: Good for you
Hardy: That’s kind of obvious. But like, but also in reference to the concept of having a script, that would have been nice.

Check it out in the video below, the question comes around 9.50 minutes in:

There has been a lot of (rather absurd) controversy surronding the film, ever since Aaron Clarey, a prominent men’s rights activist, called for a boycott of the film. He sighted the film as “feminist propaganda”, largely due to the Imperator Furiosa, played by the wonderful Charlize Theron. Clarey seen the inclusion of the bald headed warrior as a troubling rival to Mad Max, whom should never of been a lead in a film that's all about Max.

Aaron Clarey, along with other men's rights activists, has been enraged by the new blockbuster claiming that it's duping crowds of people into watching feminist propaganda' veiled through action sequences. Clarey argued that the audience are being insulted and tricked into viewing a piece of American culture ruined and rewritten right in front of their very eyes. That's the Australian franchise, made and directed by Australians, and whose lead actors are British (Hardy) and South African (Theron).

Writing on the website Return of Kings, a distressed Clarey continued, dubbing the film 'Feminist Road' urging people not to go watch the film due to, and I quote, 'Charlize Theron kept showing up a lot in the trailers, while Tom Hardy (Mad Max) seemed to have cameo appearances. Theron sure talked a lot during the trailers while I don’t think I’ve heard one line from Hardy. And finally, Theron’s character barked orders to Mad Max. Nobody barks orders to Mad Max'.


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