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With filming for Captain America: Civil War going under way, I would like to predict on who I think will be on Cap's side (Anti-Registration) and who I think will be on Iron Man's side (Pro-Registration). Beware Of possible spoilers. Lets get Started.

We already know that Captain America has assembled the new line up at the ending of The Avengers Age Of Ultron so it is likely that it could stay that way. However there are a few things we may need to think about.

First, James Rhodes/War Machine is a close friend of Tony Stark/Iron man and he ends up on Cap's side by the end of the film. It may be possible that he could switch sides.

Secondly, The Winter Soldier and Hawkeye could be somewhere in the mix even though they could go to Cap's side as will Spider- Man and possibly Black panther. So that leaves Ant Man, it is possible that he will be with Iron Man and War Machine. Villains could be on either side as Tony Stark and General Ross are both associates.

That leaves about a tiny few on Iron man's side but here are some mentions on who I think should come into the film.

  • Daredevil- Charlie Cox portrays Daredevil in the TV show of the same name. recently, Cox stated that he is hoping to be in the film. i think Daredevil should be in the film as he is perfect for the story line.
  • Goliath- This one is a bit puzzling. Damion Pottier who portrayed Thanos at the end of the original Avengers film, was seen on the set for Civil War. it is unknown what he is doing there but I am hoping that he is Goliath as it is a likely guess.
  • Wonder Man- This character is another one I am hoping for. He is a pretty awesome character . He needs a cinematic debut NOW!!!!!!!! Nuff Said.
  • Ms Marvel- This one I find an unlikely chance as she was originally going to appear in Age Of Ultron but she was omitted in the final cut. But I think she should appear as fans are requesting to see her.
  • Pepper Potts- Why she was left out of Age of Ultron should be explained. Although it was explained in the film, I am still furious with this. I think she should appear in Civil War as she loves being Pepper.
  • Maira Hill- She is in the comic. She should be in the film. Hopefully, she is in the film.

Well those are my predictions on Captain America Civil War. What do you guys think about this article. Is there a character that you feel should appear in the film. Please leave a comment down below and let me know


Who would you like to see in Captain America: Civil War


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