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How I love what I do.

Another official image of [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) has just been posted on the internet. This time, we see in more detail the powerful armor of Tony Stark, Bleeding Edge. Indeed, the Iron Man will need a card to play in butt heads with Captain America!

As he prepares to launch his new site, the former columnist Latino Review, El Mayimbe, shared a new promotional image of the third film of Captain America. In art, we can see in more detail the Bleeding Edge armor that Tony Stark will use to fight Steve Rogers.

In the comics, the armor was used to combat characters like Thor and Red Hulk and his powers are huge. It is an armor made of nano-particles controlled by Stark's mind, but it is not known how it will be presented in the film.

While we wait, we can watch this trailer fan-made, created by Iron Spi.


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