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The season finale of season 4 Once Upon a Time left us hanging with Emma Swan taking in the power of the Dark One and disappearing, leaving nothing but the Dark One dagger behind, with her name written clearly across it.

No longer the savior
No longer the savior

What will happen now that Emma is the Dark One?

One of the biggest questions afterwards was whether or not Emma would be the main villain of season 5 with this change of events. According to the writers of the show, however, we shouldn't expect Emma to be Dark for too long, though it will be one of the main storylines.

This means that many of the shows love lives will be affected by the change in Emma, most notably with Emma and Hook, whom she will bring the dark side back out of him. Mary Margaret and David, her parents, will have to deal with her becoming so dark, and Rumplestiltskin is going to have to work hard to gain back Belle's trust. The only way to save Emma from all of this, according to the author of the book, is to find Merlin and change Emma back into the savior that we all know her as. One of the main issues will be bringing Emma back from the darkness.

True love, for now
True love, for now

Will Regina be able to live out her happy ending finally?

Though Regina has stated numerous times that she doesn't need a man for her happy ending, a huge part of why Emma sacrificed herself was so that Regina and Robin could be happy. However, they are going to be facing some bumps in the road with Zelena's pregnancy, amongst other issues.

Some of the darkest villains
Some of the darkest villains

Who will be the main villain then?

According to Josh Dallas, who plays Prince Charming/David, they are going to be introducing a meaner and more evil villain on the show.

The new big baddie is going to be really bad. It's the unimaginable. It's the worst thing that could possibly happen. It's going to be tough for everybody. It's going to be stressing for fans.

Honestly, I haven't given up on the idea that Emma will be the main villain,but if she is bringing out the dark side in him, and he is a fan favorite, I wonder if Hook might be in for some trouble.

Though they did make Peter Pan be evil and actually an old man so at this point anything is possible to me.

Either way, it seems to be shaping up to be an interesting new season, and one that I am actually really excited for.


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